How to Design Custom Jerseys and Apparel for Your Team

As you approach the beginning of your sports season, whether it’s hockey, baseball, lacrosse, or any other sport, it’s time to start looking into replacing those old uniforms your team has been wearing for years.

As the team manager/coach/captain, it is your responsibility to make sure your teams’ new custom uniforms are a hit.

You’ve got your logo and team name but aren’t sure what to do next. In this article, we will walk you through some of the next steps to get you on your way to designing your brand-new custom jerseys and apparel.

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Finding Inspiration

The first thing you’ll want to do is look around for some inspiration on what you might like your jerseys and apparel to look like. You can use this to either replicate a design already out there or spark your creativity to build something new.

Some good places to look are popular blogs, like icethetics (hockey-specific) or uniswag.

You can also check out social media, searching for hashtags like #jerseydesigns or #jerseyconcepts.

Or maybe you look at your favorite sports teams’ jerseys and work from those designs.

We’ve also got plenty of designs on our website and in our catalog that can help get you on your way!

Choose Your Custom Jersey Style

The next step will be determining what type of jersey you would like. The two most common options are the classic cut and sew, and sublimation.

These two options will vary in cost as well as in how advanced you want the designs to be. For a flashy design or a jersey with lots of logos, sublimation will likely be your best bet. For a more classic look, cut and sew is the way to go.

Contact Us

The last step in getting your brand-new custom jerseys designed is to send us a message or contact your sales rep!  From here, our staff of expert designers will help bring your ideas to life and get you and your team on their way to looking their best!

At JOG, everything we do is fully custom. Let our team help create custom team uniforms that you would be proud to wear. 

Now, go find your inspiration and get started on designing those new jerseys! Don’t forget to check us out on social media too!

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