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Shell Pants

Tuff Pro Shell

Tuff Pro Plus Shell

Product Details

The Tuff Pro Shell lives up to its name. We use a tough 840D abrasion-resistant nylon material that will have players still looking great game after game. The addition of stretch ribbing in the crotch section adds comfort and flexibility for better on-ice performance. We offer shell pant material in a variety of common colors to give your program a polished professional team look.

The Tuff Pro Plus Shell is the same Tuff Pro Shell with 840D abrasion-resistant nylon but upgraded with the addition of stretch ribbing in the thigh / hip section provides additional flex for optimal on-ice performance.

Poly Pro Shell

Product Details

Are you looking for the perfect match? We can do that with our Poly Pro Shell material. The Poly Pro shell is a great choice and available in many colors. With this material you can even have an exact match to the colors in your jersey and socks! The Poly Pro shell is a lighter weight yet durable option and incorporates Poly Stretch or Pro Stretch Rib in the crotch area for a comfortable fit during play.

Tuff Pro Deluxe

Product Details

Deluxe shell pant patterns have more complexity in the design and with the additional detail require a bit more work in production. Our Deluxe shell can be produced as a Tuff Pro or Tuff Pro Plus version (extra stretch zones).

Sublimated Shell

Product Details

Our fully sublimated shell is a great value-priced option with excellent durability. Sublimation is the option of choice when there are complex designs, multiple sponsor logos or if a specific branded Pantone color is required to complete the look.

Tuff Shell
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