JOG Athletics was formed in 2014, however, the family-owned sister company JOG Sports has been in business since 2005. We employ over 120 highly skilled employees in a state-of-the-art facility, which uses the latest machinery and innovative technology.
JOG’s goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality, service, and reliability and to be the best custom-made sports apparel company on the market. We take great pride in delivering on these commitments every day; we go the extra mile and sweat the details. Our large and growing customer base is a testament to this, as reflected in the company motto. “Once a JOG customer, always a JOG customer.”
JOG Athletics provides customized eco-friendly hockey and sports jerseys and apparel worldwide that are worn by players at every level of the game. JOG has affiliations with collegiate level NCCA/club teams, to the CCHL, USHL, USPHL, FHL to prominent youth associations and to schools around the globe.
JOG’s design & sales team’s priority is to create your customized look. The team is committed to providing our customers with a professional custom design for team apparel and uniforms – at no additional cost. From cuts, colors, designs, crests and fonts, JOG provides a range of options for you to choose from and will refine that look with your feedback until you have the unique style your players will wear with pride.
JOG is committed to sustainability and its products sourcing only from the finest eco-friendly materials. Our REPLAY SERIES contains recycled polyester (made from PET) for our jerseys and apparel and our GRINDE SERIES uses recycled polyester (made from coffee grounds) for t-shirts, shorts and a few of our thermal items, like hoodies and jackets.

JOG Athletics prides itself on:

Your look, your way

Fairly priced