Sweeper Pro Soccer Uniforms (Women's Cut)
Jersey Style #521B
Shorts Style #1055B
Product Highlights
JOG's Sweeper Pro jerseys and shorts allow for a fully custom look on the pitch. This REPLAY series (eco-friendly) sublimated soccer kit will keep you cool and refreshed due to the dry and comfortable fit of our 100% recycled VaporICE material.

Product Details

Jersey & Shorts Description:

  • Fully sublimated
  • Light-weight feel for superior performance
  • Superior wicking capabilities
  • Elastic tape on the collar to add comfort and durability
  • Custom inseams available
  • Inner lining (Optional)
  • Full elastic waistband (50% nylon, 20% polyester & 30% spandex)
    with draw cord
  • Men, women and youth cuts available
  • Eco-friendly soccer jersey & shorts

Fabric Content:

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