Style #1022

Style #1022
Product Highlights
The Premier jersey is JOG's top of the line jersey. A truly custom made jersey with Poly-Pro twill appliques. This jersey has all the extras and there is no additional fees for double material in the shoulders/elbows, cover seam stitch (single or double), collar support binding, mesh inserts and your choice of neck closures. This is a high performance pro level jersey.

Product Details


  • Pro game weight (truly custom made style)
  • Custom neck options include Sewn-In X, Lace Neck (with triangle),
    Sewn-In H, Rectangle Neck, V-Neck, Square V-Neck, Triangle V-Neck,
    Cross-In Neck, Pentagon Neck and Pentagon Neck with sewn laces
  • Cover seam stitch (single or double)
  • Collar support binding
  • Double material in elbows & shoulders
  • Mesh inserts (optional)
  • Poly-Pro tackle twill front logo, numbers back/sleeve, and names
    (name bar or direct to jersey)

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