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About - My Team Locker

Say goodbye to traditional paper order forms! MyTeamLocker was created to provide an online service to our valued clubs, schools, & associations. Our online platform allows everyone from team managers to individuals such as parents, friends & fans the ability to order their respective team apparel online, without hassle.


Complete end-to-end online ordering process

Empower team managers & administrators

Full customization capability

Open up your team store to fans and community members

For Managers

MyTeamLocker is JOG's way of helping managers simplify the online ordering process for their club or association. Easily track all uniform and apparel orders, and provide final review and approval once completed.

For Club & Organization Members

MyTeamLocker has an optional feature allowing individuals, such as parents and fans, the ability to purchase their team’s apparel online.

Message board for clear and easy communication with members

Online order forms & set ordering periods

Individually track all orders

User friendly tracking system for payment processing

Complete transparency into sales and fundraising efforts

Browse apparel unique to your club, school or association

Customize your apparel with unique names & numbers

Support your community club or association

Help raise money for your club or associations charitable initiatives

User friendly platform for people of all ages



Streamline the entire ordering process online


Each organization can organize their products unique to their respective club or organization


Raise additional money for your club, and fund your organization’s financial or charitable initiatives


Team managers and administrators oversee every step of the process


Online platform for managers, administrators and individual users

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